Counseling is a beautiful way to help you discover the real you.  During a counseling session you are invited to open your heart and soul to the possibilities that await you.  Loie offers her clients a very integrative approach to healing the issues in your life.   Feeling safe is a neccesity in the counseling setting.  Loie helps you unlock the gates that keep you feeling unsafe in your life so that during the counseling session you feel a sense of warmth and peace as you begin to see and uncover the real you.

Slowly the journey begins.  We work together to uncover all the hidden parts of yourself so you can learn to handle difficult situations in a healthier manner and begin to love yourself again.  My clients are my best teachers.  They continue to teach me to be a better counselor, wife, mother, sister and friend.  This only aides in my ability to help you become the best person you can be.

For further information about Loie or counseling with her, contact 3 Willows Wellness Center located in downtown Dubuque, Iowa.  Phone is 563.556.5000