Have you ever wondered why you keep repeating the same pattern in your life or wondering why you keep making the same decision only to be hurt or abandoned again.  Many people become stuck, not knowing how to break these cycles.  When something happens to us, how we respond or react to it becomes embedded in the unconscious mind and therefore becomes a pattern of the way we deal with similar situations.

Hypnotherapy offers an individual an altered state of consciousness or trance state so that the individual becomes open to new and healthy lifestyle changes.  Hypnotherapy is a safe and gentle method of entering the unconscious mind to help you change those negative beliefs that you carry about yourself.   In hypnotherapy the goal is to address the emotions, negative beliefs and behavior patterns and it helps you to unlock the reasons behind those patterns and then create new ones so that you can move through difficulties with ease.

Hypnotherapy is beneficial and safe for both children and adults.  Feel free to contact Loie and ask questions about hypnotherapy.